Homeschool was the minority, now it is becoming the majority! Let's link arms and all come together to share homeschooling resources and take back our power as parents! The days of indoctrination are over! Let's rise up and create the future we have dreamed of for our children. 

Any tip, trick, or resource you are willing to share...please comment below!





    The link above provides amazing free resources that can be used to teach reading. This is neither a whole language nor a phonics approach. These activities support the research on how the brain learns to read. It’s systematic instruction that both public school teachers and home school families can benefit from.

  • So we homeschool all 3 of our kids. 3rd, 1st, & 2 year old. When my oldest was starting kinder, we knew we didn’t want to do public school. As did 2 other of my friends. We founded a homeschool hybrid in Gainesville that meets 2 days a week. We base it off a Christian perspective and know exactly what our kids are learning. It is amazing to see our kids being blessed by being taught by wonderful ladies and being able to bless the teachers financially. For the older kids, we supplement at home as we see fit. But, my kind of teaching is being outside 🥰

    Sarah Hatten

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