What came first? The chicken, or the egg?


Where the peck (Ha! See what I did there?) do I even start? I'm not sure why I am so overwhelmed by having chickens, but I am. I put up an Instagram question box where my homies commented chicken tips & tricks and there were SO many great things that I thought they needed a permanent spot where we could all come together as a community and share tips & tricks that we can all refer back to, and hopefully benefit from! 

So, PLEASE comment your chicken / egg tips & tricks!

Y'all are awesome. 




  • Chickens are the best and easiest animals!! ❤️
    Free ranging is so fantastic for them. They will dig, scratch and eat bugs which helps not go through feed as quickly. ALL THE SCRAPS! They eat everything we have leftover like peelings from carrots, tops of strawberries, leftover oatmeal, they love it all and nothing goes to waste!

    Putting chickens away at night can sometimes be difficult. We trained ours to the sound of a canister filled with bird seed since young and they all come running and go right in at night!! 🙌🏼

    My favorite breeds are Ameraucana’s, cream legbar, rode island red, Wyandotte’s, literally so many good ones…
    Raising them as chicks has been a great benefit! They are never mean or aggressive towards anyone or littles. We have little kids all the time playing with our hens and collecting eggs without any worries!

  • Be prepared, they are so much fun, so cute, and addicting!!!!!! Plan for way more than you’ll think you will have! And be prepared for the the funniest personalities. With that said they can also be a lot of work at times

  • Where do I even start? I have so many tips and tricks for chickens and gardens! I’ll start off with a few for the chickies.

    1. Get your chicks! I absolutely LOVE Buff-laced polish, Sapphire Gems, Americanas, and Rhode Island Reds. All are REALLY great layers. We have 9 adult hens, 6 new babies, and get 6-10 eggs a day. The Americanas lay Goose sized eggs that are sometimes double yoked and are DELISH!!
    Snuggle the heck out of those little fluffy nuggets. It’ll make them sweet as adults.
    Get yourself a rooster as a chick as well. We have a Silky rooster named Marshmallow. The name says it all😂 Roosters help encourage hens to lay and protects the group. Make sure you get only 1 rooster! Otherwise they’ll fight and may kill some of your hens in the process.

    2. Heat lamps, chick feed, old horse trough, tiny chick waterers, and straw/shaving are a MUST! DO NOT get fine cut shavings because they will get stuck in their tiny nose holes. Get either big shavings or straw. Straw is better.

    3. Keep them babies inside trough till they are full feathered and big enough to roam outside. Prepare for the fact that some may die unexpectedly and you will get one hen that will need murdered and you’ll make in to soup. It’s just the reality of chicken farming🤷🏼‍♀️

    4. Fence off your fruits & veg but let the chickens roam and eat them pesky bugs! Give the chickies egg shells, veg you aren’t going to eat, and fruit rinds! They love lettuce butts, and watermelon rinds. Feeding them their egg shells gives them extra calcium and protein, reinforces the egg shells afterwards, and let’s them enjoy their hard work as much as we do. And thsn theirs 0 waste!
    FUN FACT: Chickens love to eat mice & snakes as well. It’s disgusting, but handy.

    5. Give them Electrolytes when it’s hot. Hydro Hen is awesome! And it smells lovely!

    6. Give them a comfy coop that they can relax and lay in. Make it so you can close them in if needed but can still get some good air flow. Chicken wire windows are awesome!
    We took an old wooden children’s play house and made it a coop and our chickens love it! And it’s easy for the littles to get in and out to get eggs.

    7. Egg basket! Limits the risk of you dropping your eggs.
    Get your eggs every night. Don’t let them sit on them for more than a day, unless you want babies. Then leave those eggies alone.

    Having chickens is so rewarding. They are fun to snuggle, they produce wonderful eggs, make great garden fertilizer and keep the bugs down! Harlow will love it too! My little sister (6 yo) has tea parties with our chickens and carries one of them around everywhere.

    Now for the garden! Not as much info but here’s a few tips.

    1. Raised beds
    2. Water timers for spickets
    3. Drip hoses & sprinklers
    4. Chicken & horse poo fertilizer!
    5. Compost bin
    6. Cover plants in straw. Holds moisture in and keeps em warm if its frosty.
    7. Wall-o-waters! Especially for herbs and tomatoes
    8. Take up bee keeping! Helps garden and you get delicious honey after 1 or 2 years of growing your hive😊

    And that’s it! I’ll probabaly remember later but I hope this bit of info I jist shared helps you out!

    Taylor Richardson
  • If getting chickens for the first time depending how much eggs your family eats a day 4 birds will be enough! You always can get a couple extra in case some chicks don’t make it.

    Depending on where you live but them in the Spring, because of the warmer weather you won’t have to use a heat them as much when they are chicks.

    You’ll want to have roosting bars in where you have your chicks kept so they learn to roost at night.

    Apple cider vinegar you can add a little to their water if you think they are getting sick.

    If you notice signs of bugs if you catch it fast enough cover the birds and coop with diatomaceous earth.

    Chickens can eat some of your left over foods so don’t throw left overs or scraps out before checking to see if your birds can eat them.

    Do your research on breeds before you purchase chickens.

  • Only feed chickens corn in winter or cool weather. We treat it as “dessert”. Their little bodies are warm like a furnace and corn heats them up. Central Oregon Chicken owner for reference.


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